Welcome to Professional Coaching.   

What is professional coaching and how does it work?


Professional coaching is a co-active conversation where the client chooses the topic for which they would like to work on in reaching a specific goal.  The coach provides questions to allow the client to keep a detailed conversation flowing, allowing the client to see their situation from different views.  As the client continues to see different options of choice,  ah-ha moments occur, which gives the client a new perspective regarding their topic.  Sessions are conducted by phone or in person at the convenience of the client's time.   


What makes coaching different from therapy or counseling?


Coaching moves clients forward from where they are in the moment of right now, to where they want to be.  A coach pulls forth the client’s own intuition to allow them to truly see what they want for themselves and where their willing to go to resolve their own issue.  Coaching is goal orientated, planning and putting into action the steps the client is ready, willing, & excited to take. 

Therapy may work on circumstances that took place in the clients past.  Traumatic, negative emotional experiences, or psychological issues maybe handled with a therapist where their medical degree background will work to support the client. 

Counselors are often there to offer advise & tell a person what to do.    Coaching is client driven as only the client knows best for what they want and what will truly fulfill their own life happiness.

As your Coach,  I am a certified, well-trained professional who will motivate & inspire you to begin finding that perfect balance.  Making small strides that become a new way of life, is how you'll see your life turning around faster than you ever expected.  My job as your coach will be to support & guide your new direction as well as holding you accountable to what you want to achieve.  Soon you will learn how to dive into life without fear & you’ll find yourself setting new goals all the time. 

Your commitment begins here, choosing to invest in yourself as you have so much to live for!

I invite you to join me in finding where your true happiness lies within you.


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Kathleen Paulbeck, CPCC, ACC

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