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Has gaining anymore weight become your biggest daily fear?  Has your weight gain grown to push you into the level of overweight or obese?  Has your health now become serious?   



When it comes to weight loss, if your tired of starting over, stop quitting. stop dieting & begin creating the healthy lifestyle that fits the perfect you!  Reaching your healthy weight is a way of life, doing what you know works best for you.  When it comes to food, one person's food is another person's poison.  So how could anyone better than you write your ideal weight loss plan!   Together let's begin to put it all together and begin to apply it to your life!

As your coach, we will create and put into place the ideal eating plan that will work for you.  By creating it, you design it to fit your lifestyle, eating the foods you love that work for your body.  Then, we'll work on adding in the benefits of exercising, to the time of day that best fits your schedule. Did you know 30 minutes a day of exercise can give you the healthy life you want for yourself?  So my job as your Coach, will be to set goals that I know are attainable and will challenge you by holding you accountable.

Accountability is the key to success for every healthy person. Know that my motivational support will be there to guide you the entire way!  Are you ready, let's get started!

In learning that healthy nutrition is more than what you eat, would you be interested in learning how living a healthy lifestyle is your key to losing weight?   It's truly not just about the food you eat.

There's so much more to reaching your healthy weight that your journey can begin right here, in working with me.  Together we will begin looking at these four areas of your life:

  • The relationships of others within your life

  • The exercise plan you have or need to put in place

  • The career you have or want to have, where you spend so many hours of your life.

  • The spiritual practice you have in fulfilling joy within you.   

By reviewing and achieving levels of happiness within these four areas, we can then begin to create a healthy eating plan specific to your personal needs.  With my knowledge from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am confident we can achieve the healthy plan that will work for you.  By learning and committing to new daily habits through our coaching sessions, you will begin to take new steps in creating your new healthy lifestyle.  As you continue enjoying your healthy lifestyle, the changes will happen right before your eyes in achieving the weight loss you desire.

As your Coach,  I am a certified, well-trained professional who will motivate & inspire you to find that perfect balance.  Making small strides will become a new way of life. You'll see your life turning around faster than you ever expected.  My job as your coach will be to support & guide your new direction as well as holding you accountable to what you want to achieve.  Soon you will learn how to dive into life without fear & you’ll find yourself setting new goals all the time. 

Your commitment begins here, choosing to invest in yourself as you have so much to live for!

I invite you to join me in finding where your true happiness lies within you.


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Kathleen Paulbeck, CPCC, ACC

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