Kathleen Paulbeck

Kathleen Paulbeck

Your Journey Begins Here!  

Have you lost your motivation to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, struggling to make it through the day with a load of stress on your back?  Are you working hard to stay afloat, but truly feel like nothing is working?   You’re Not Alone!

Do you strugle with your weight, bad eating habits, exercising or managing your diabetes and feel you're lost in the battle?  Do you wish you could find the motivation that would last forever so that you could end the roller coaster ride of being overweight and unhappy?


        If you can say yes to any of these, you're not alone, there's a lot you can do!

       As Your Coach:

  • I am a certified, well-trained professional.

  • I will keep you motivated, inspired, and challenged to reaching your goals.

  • I will provide a compassionate heart for listening and a comfortable safe space during your journey.

I specialize in supporting clients who find themselves in serious need for lifestyle change relating to stress management, nutrition, exercise, and maintaining a better life balance. When you make your health your priority, you'll be my ideal client.  You've got my commitment!  

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      Why is having your health everything?

  • Having your health provides you the freedom to live your life doing what you truly want to do for yourself. It provides you being there for your children or grandchildren in every way, being adventurous and confident to have an exciting career, or simply having a stress-free balanced life.

  • It provides you the strength and energy to be active doing activities that excite you and allow you to do them with confidence.

  • It encourages you to want to make healthy choices, such as wanting to cook healthier meals and get active with exercising regularly to enjoy feeling good.


       Taking the first step begins here.  

Finding the right balance in your life is where we'll start.  We'll begin by reviewing your current lifestyle, understanding what changes & goals you want to reach. If weight loss is your first goal, we'll begin by putting together a healthier and satisfying meal plan, one that will create a positive change for you.  We'll put together real and idealistic goals allowing you to make significant changes without feeling deprived.  Then we'll begin planning & seeing where the roadblocks begin to take over.  There you'll begin to see that losing weight & being healthy is not only about the food we eat, but it's about the true source of what feeds us. The relationships in our lives, our careers, our level of physical activity, and our spiritual heart.  Once you find a true balance of happiness in these four areas, you'll be open and ready to begin making better healthier food choices for yourself, leading you to the healthy lifestyle you've always dreamed of.     

 How would your life change if you were able to write a testimonial like my clients did:  

"I didn't know I needed a health coach until it changed my life."  


"I have been working hard on my goals, so quite a bit of  progress.  Thanks for all your help and giving me a happier  life!"


"Life Coaching doesn't just change your life, it changes how you  live your life".    


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Consider this thought:  "Your body will only go as far as your mind will allow it."   

Now ask yourself:   What limitation am I creating within myself?    "Where do I want to go from here?

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Taking Steps to Better Health Starts Here!

Contact me for your free session or email me and request my top 3 fun and healthy recipes so that you can start putting them into action today.  I've collected top strategies that I personally use myself and have shared with so many people.  Have you ever wondered about the strategy used from the Extreme Weight Loss show?   I've researched it and for more than 5 years I've followed that plan for my everyday successful health.  I've got so much knowledge to share, I can't wait to share it with you!      

I Look Forward To Hearing From You

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