Have you ever worked with a Health Coach?

If you’ve answered no, take a minute and check out the added benefits you’ll gain by working with a coach.  Let’s compare the pro’s and con’s of dieting on your own or with a health coach.

Negative Conflicts of dieting alone:

  1.          Dieting means eating less of the foods I really want, even if they’re not good for me.
  2.          Feeling deprived and isolated makes me want to give up trying.  
  3.      No one else is doing this.
  4.          I’ll be struggling for nothing, because I know in the end I’m going to fail again.
  5.         Trying to do this myself allows me the space to fail. 
  6.     No one really has to know I really want to lose the weight. 
  7.         Who am I really doing this for, I’ll just accept being overweight.
  8.      I'll hide how this really affects me.


Positive Possibilities of getting healthy with a Health Coach:

  1.          Creating an eating plan I’ll want to stick with for a healthy future.
  2.          Finding fun in being creative with my family cooking & being active together.
  3.          Always knowing my coach will be there for me, supporting me all the way.
  4.         Allowing the coaching session to deepen why this is so important to me.     
  5.     Getting rid of the baggage that always stops me from being successful.
  6.        Being held accountable to reach each goal set with my coach. 

Accountability is the key to being Successful.    

As your Coach, I truly want you to succeed, so I will challenge you with accountability you'll want within yourself!    

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