What is professional coaching?

A:  Professional coaching is a co-active conversation session where the client chooses the topic for which they would like to begin working on reaching a specific goal.  The coach provides questions to allow the client to keep a detailed conversation flowing, allowing the client to see their situation from different views.  As the client continues to see different options of choice,   Ah-ha moments may occur, which gives the client a whole new perspective regarding their topic.  

Can you support clients with Pre-Diabetes?

A: Yes, With my experience as a Lifestyle Coach trained through the National Diabetes Prevention Program, I can guide those who have been diagnosis with Pre-Diabetes and are ready to take control of their health. Learning how a healthier lifestyle change & increasing your physical activity up to 150 minutes per week will ensure you the ability to recover from your diagnosis. I will meet with clients individually or as a group with a 16 week specific program. Contact me for more details today!

Does the coach give advise for how the client should change their situation?

 A:  No, the coach rarely gives their own opinion of how a client should handle a situation. Through the process of diving into the client topic, the coach works with the client to provide many different avenues of how the client can see their situation.   This then allows the client to see where they are hitting roadblocks, giving the client the opportunity to make their own decision for what is best for them.  

Can the topic change once the session begins?

A:  Yes, there is always great opportunity for change of topic as the client begins to dig deep into their own roadblocks from what may be holding them back from the change or fear they are facing.  As they discover new found information about themselves that they never saw before, new topics begin to open up.   It is truly healthy for the client to discover new things about themselves as it's a sign that they are digging deep and ready for change in reaching the goal that they are working towards.  Judgement is never made by the coach for the direction in which the client wants to take.  

What is accountability?

A:  As the coaching session evolves, the client begins to see a new and exciting direction that they want to try.  The coach will ask the client if they would be willing to put their new ideas into action by completing a task that's specific to their new idea.  The coach will then ask the client to be specific to the day and time when they expect that they can have their task completed.  Upon committing to a day and time, the coach then ask the client for the accountability of getting back with the coach to let them know their task was completed.  This communication can be done by an email or text back to the coach.  Clients will learn quickly, that the true coaching takes place between the sessions when the client puts their newly discovered ideas into action.

How can I work with the coach when I don't live near their office?

A:  The coaching can be done by phone or in person.  Many clients truly prefer phone coaching as it gives them the ability to relax within their own environment.   Many clients see this as personal time for themselves.  



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