As your Coach, I will provide you with a compassionate heart for listening, and a comfortable safe space for your journey to begin.   I will open the opportunity for you to see your challenges in a different way, and feel what you truly desire.  I will challenge & hold you accountable to achieve your chosen next step, which will lead you to reaching your desired goal.

Clients begin achieving quickly as they see the possibilities of new choices in their life.  They see opportunity in finding answers to freedom they’ve always wanted.  Coaching has no boundaries to what can be revealed and viewed in a whole new way, specific to your needs. 

As your Coach,  I am a certified, well-trained professional who will meet your highest expectations.  I will truly motivate & inspire you to find your life passion so you can begin living!     Why is this so important to me?    I too, was challenged to extreme levels in my life, being overweight, divorced, and looking to put the pieces together, only to rise above—higher than I ever thought I could.  I see life as pure joy, living with passion, not just existing.   

Coaching will offer you the pathway to see new opportunities to finding your life fulfillment. What I most desire for You is:

  • Have the freedom to live a healthy life by taking your own control.

  • Finding strength in the ability of being active to enjoy your life. 

  • Live life from the happiness of your own confidence & to be inspired to have the motivation that will guide you daily.

  • Always know your happiness can be achieved with my commitment to you. 

Education / Training:

Certified through the Coaches Training Institute, (CTI) 2014. 

Certified through International Coach Federation, (ICF) 2014.

  Certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach July 2016.

National Diabetes Prevention Program, Lifestyle Coach April 2019.

For a more personal side of me, click on:  http://www.trentontrib.com/interesting-neighbors-august-2017-active-resident-wants-to-inspire-others.html

I invite you to join me in finding what motivates you to live an exciting life!  

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Kathleen Paulbeck, CPCC, ACC

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